Cedi Osman proposes to girlfriend Ebru Şahin in scenic Cappadocia

by Mansi
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Turkish NBA supermegacelebrity Cedi Osman picked Cappadocia, regarded for its picturesque fairy chimney-dotted skyline, to recommend to long-time female friend Ebru Şahin, a TV actor.

The Cleveland Cavaliers ahead shared snap shots of the event on Instagram, with the caption – “She said ‘Yes!’”

Şahin in her respond to the publish wrote, “Said Yes!”

The Cavs congratulated the couple on its authentic Twitter account.

The Nevşehir Governorate additionally chimed in with a tweet, “Cappadocia is the proper desire for a dream marriage proposal. The excellent region to “Yes.’”

Cappadocia, placed in significant Turkey’s Nevşehir, is well-known for its herbal and anciental sites. It draws tens of thousands and thousands of vacationers every yr with its famend underground cities, “fairy chimney” volcanic cones, warm air balloon trips, homes carved into rocks and churches, chapels and shelters used at some stage in the early years of the Christian faith.

Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, the area attracted extra than 3.eight million site visitors in 2019, making it one of the maximum famous traveller locations withinside the country.

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