Barrister Babu, Latest Episode 6th November 2021 Written Update, Bondita Hears Trilochan On Phone Call

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The first-rate ongoing serial of Barrister Babu is coming with again-to-again modern episode and watchers are going excited to look at this serial as quickly as possible. Every episode has proven a few first-rate twist as Battuk is in opposition to Bondita and together with this, he additionally provoked Trilochan in opposition to her.

In the preceding episodes, we’ve visible that how Bondita is combating in opposition to the rights of widows, who’ve suffered from a tough life. While, Bihari Babu has placed a line outdoor the haveli and stated to her that she can’t move the road and if she does this, she can be able to have to interrupt all of the relationships with them.

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Now, the episode of the display will include plenty of twists and turns due to the fact while Bondita is going outdoor the residence with out taking permission of Trilochan. Later, Battuk is going outdoor the residence and he repeats via way of means of pronouncing that she goes to combat in opposition to widows and let’s see what’s going to take place with her.

She will win this example and later while her infant will come into this global, he’s going to grab her infant and throw her outdoor this residence. Along with this, we’ve additionally visible that how Malika blended mushrooms withinside the meals of Bondita so, her infant will die in her womb.

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Well, many extra matters will screen on this upcoming episode due to the fact while Bondita will visit the Government workplace to take a few matters of Anirudh, he suggests a check in in which, it turned into written “Late Anirudh RoyChoudhary” after seeing this, Bondita receives livid and says to the person who why did he write Late earlier than his name?

Anirudh is alive and he’s dwelling with her. The man or woman says that it can’t take place due to the fact people who surpassed over these items stated that they noticed him drowning withinside the river so, how should he be alive?

Bondita says that permit me name him and asks permission to apply his telecellsmartphone to name him withinside the workplace. Bondita calls in Roychoudhary haveli however nobody selections up her name. She constantly calls her and on the end, Battuk select out up the decision whilst praying for Anirudh with Trilochan.

He says that nobody can allow them to pray calmly. Battuk placed the decision with out listening Bondita. On the alternative side, Bondita hears the whole thing while Trilochan says that Anirudh has long gone from this global and he can’t come again. Bondita receives concerned approximately this and thinks what goes on? The Episode Ends.

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