Barrister Babu, 9th November 2021, Written Update: Bondita believes Anirudh is alive

by Mansi
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MUMBAI: The Episode begins offevolved with Bondita seeing Batuk with Trilochan. Batuk makes Trilochan listen Bondita’s speech. He says then, Bondita gained the case of that widow, that widow were given remarried and took the kid again, what did her Sasural get, they misplaced their son and his closing signal additionally, this will show up with us additionally, Bondita will recognise that Anirudh isn’t anyt any more, she can be able to move, do we allow her do this. Trilochan says no, we gained’t allow Anirudh’s infant move away. Batuk says thank you Kaka, I even have a plan, I will communicate to Bondita properly till infant comes, I will make her farfar from the own circle of relatives and infant, she might be thrown out. Bondita cries and leaves. Anirudh sits and attempts to write down that he misses Bondita. The guy reads my pricey Bondita. He asks is she your wife, inform me your address. Anirudh says I don’t don’t forget the address, simply the door and window, room. The guy asks him to recall. Anirudh says haveli. The guy asks wherein is the haveli. Anirudh says I don’t don’t forget. Someone calls the guy. The guy goes. Anirudh sees the idol there. Bondita is close to the Durga Maa idol. Anirudh prays to Durga Maa. He says make this letter attain home. Bondita holds a diya in hand and prays to Durga Maa. She says I gained’t allow every body take hold of my infant, I m positive that Anirudh will come returned, he can’t depart me, you joined our relation, I will combat for Anirudh and infant, you need to make my religion sturdy which you covered Anirudh and could make us meet again.

Its morning, Batuk involves Bondita. She says I had the meals and drugs additionally. He says very good, I got here to speak some thing else, I recognise we’ve got anxiety among us, I additionally felt bad, I need to quit the bitterness, sorry, forgive me. She thinks I will live silent and discover Anirudh’s truth. She says I even have forgiven you. He says thank you, I even have a surprise, come on. He suggests her fav Rasgullas. Bondita recollects Anirudh. She takes the candy pots with her. She continues Anirudh’s chocolates. She says I can have the chocolates added via way of means of Anirudh. She says I swear that I will in no way consume Rasgullas from today. A flower falls withinside the plate. She sees the idol. She says it manner Anirudh is alive, I turned into positive he’ll in no way depart me alone, I will discover him, I can have Rasgullas via way of means of Anirudh’s hand, then we can live together. The guy asks wherein do you belong. He tells the call of the districts. Anirudh says I don’t don’t forget, my own circle of relatives could be worried, how might be Bondita, I don’t recognise my village call. The guy asks him to take rest. He selections a pot from Tulsipur’s call. He takes the map.

Its morning, Bondita asks what, did you notice Mallika, she went to Italy. Batuk hears her. Bondita says you’re mistaken, what, you’re positive which you have visible her, wherein, close to the british library, thank you. BAtuk thinks Mallika gained’t pay attention this way. He goes. Bondita sees a few antique pics. A guy stops Batuk. He says sorry, your phone line turned into now no longer running due to the fact that few hours. Batuk says it turned into running in haveli. The guy says no, it’ll paintings after a few hours. Bondita writes a letter. She says I m going farfar from the house, I m going to discover Anirudh for the sake of the infant, I will omit you all, I will come returned once I discover Anirudh, I promise. She packs her bag. Batuk comes returned. He asks why had been you seeking to run farfar from the house, you don’t take care of us, our infant, don’t you like. Bondita says such natural phrases like love doesn’t healthy you, you’re a darkness, Batuk. He scolds her. She says I hate you. He says I hate you. She scolds him for dishonest the own circle of relatives. She says Anirudh constantly spoke approximately ladies equality, you communicate approximately bounding them. He says I m now no longer like Anirudh, else I could have now no longer been alive, he gave you like and respect, what did you do, you killed him. She says its wrong, Anirudh is alive.

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