Barrister Babu, 17th September 2021, Written Update: Chandrachur’s wicked plan

by Mansi
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MUMBAI: The Episode begins offevolved with Anirudh asking Chandrachur to express regret to Tupur. He pushes him at the ground and says express regret, else live there till she pities you. Chandrachur thinks I will take revenge for this insult through ruining Bondita’s respect. He apologizes to Tupur. She cries. Everyone appears on. Sampoorna says its Kaalratri, you each won’t see or meet every different, Anirudh simply see the sky today. Tapur says I heard Anirudh has executed accurate arrangements for his new bride, however no use, meet her tomorrow. Anirudh says fine, come to be the enemy of the love, permit me see the moon for a few time. Sampoorna says no way. Anirudh says I will take Shashwati out everyd day and assist you in cooking. Sampoorna says fine, you each can see every different till I blink. He says okay, blink slowly. Anirudh and Bondita see every different. They ask did you assert anything. She smiles. He says you’re looking simply beautiful, I desire to seize this second all the time in my eyes. She says I even have already decorated this second in my eyes. He says I love you Bondita. She says I love you too Pati Babu. She receives shy. He holds her hands. Sampoorna says time is up, come. Tapur takes Bondita. Anirudh appears for her. Sampoorna takes him.

Sumati says something came about wasn’t right, I desire the whole lot receives fine, else the enmity hearthplace can burn our happiness as soon as again. Thakumaa and Sumati see Chandrachur sending a few guests. Thakumaa says Chandrachur is doing his obligation well. Trilochan asks them to live returned for the primary rasoi rasam. Thakumaa says its Sasural’s rasam, what paintings can we have right here. Chandrachur thinks to make an excuse to live right here. He asks what, how did the roof fall again, you understand I m busy in paintings. Trilochan asks what came about, we’ve got a huge haveli, there are numerous rooms, live right here till your own home receives ready. Thakumaa says okay, however can Chandrachur live. Chandrachur says as you decide. She says we can live for a few days. He asks shall I ask Tupur now no longer to percent bags. She says yes. He symptoms and symptoms his man. Trilochan says Chandrachur constantly listens to you. She says he’s greater like a son for me. He says its accurate he forgot the combat with Anirudh.

Chandrachur is going and recollects Anirudh and Bondita’s words. Bondita involves her room. He receives tensed and hides withinside the bathroom. She shuts the door. She sits to get rid of the chunri and jewellery. Chandrachur stares at her. Anirudh sees his embellished room. He thinks of Bondita. Chandrachur opens the door. He stops listening to the youngsters. Sampoorna says I advised them Bondita might be tired, however nevertheless they came. Bondita says its fine, we can play. Sampoorna is going. Bondita performs with the youngsters. Chandrachur waits withinside the bathroom. Shashwati says you need to dance now. Bondita says no. The youngsters insist. Bondita asks them to bop with her. They all dance. Chandrachur steps returned. Bondita appears on the bathroom’s door. He thinks I will wait right here for the youngsters’ leaving. Anirudh appears out of the room. He sees Bondita’s window and smiles. Chandrachur thinks the youngsters left. He sees Bondita. Anirudh indicators Bondita through switching the lamp on and stale and thinks you also are lacking me, you need to satisfy me. He sees the mild flickering. He thinks if Bondita fine, I need to pass and see. He is going to Bondita’s room. He opens the door. He sees Chandrachur and shouts.

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