Barrister Babu, 12th November 2021, Written Update: Happy ending

by Mansi
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MUMBAI: The Episode begins offevolved with Bondita asking Batuk to offer her toddlers. Batuk laughs. Sampoorna asks isn’t a mum’s name capable of soften you. He says her love, its all fake. Trilochan says Bondita’s ache is true, a mum’s name for her children is true, if she can’t meet them, then she can be able to die. Batuk asks what did you say, she can be able to die, superb, perfect. He says Bondita, pay attention to me, Bondita got here on this residence in childhood, Anirudh stored her from Sati, he made her life, Bondita desired to argue and convey a difference, she went to high school due to the fact Anirudh fought for her rights, she broke the chain to get education, then all through her periods, ladies weren’t allowed to move out, however Bondita went out and broke any other chain, a girl’s location is in her husband’s toes after the marriage, however she didn’t do this, she took Anirudh’s location, the complete village says Barrister babu Bondita, she broke many chains, however this time my chain will cage her, she can be able to die there, I will take Anirudh’s closing symptoms and symptoms to Italy, I will improve them and deliver them love. Anirudh is at the way.

The toddlers cry. Bondita shouts open the door, Batuk. She prays to Durga Maa. She sees a large hammer rod there. She hits the door. Sampoorna prays. Batuk says Bondita can’t spoil those chains. A a part of the door breaks. Bondita seems interior and says Batuk, depart my toddlers. He says they may be Anirudh’s kids, now no longer yours. She says I simply broke part of the door, if needed, then I will spoil this complete haveli, wait and see, what takes place whilst a mum turns into Durga Maa. He laughs. Trilochan shouts, Batuk forestall yourself. Sampoorna says you already know a girl is a image of power, you can’t forestall Bondita from assembly her children.

Batuk is going upstairs. He asks Bondita to pop out. He says you want to play with fire, move this hearthplace and display. He throws kerosene down and throws a matchstick. Bondita receives trapped in fire. He says Anirudh needed to marry you to prevent from Sati, you have become a Roy choudhary, I hated that, I will take my revenge, this incomplete ritual can be completed. She shouts help. He says shout louder. He laughs and is going back. Anirudh comes there. He receives bowled over and shouts Bondita….. Bondita sees him and is bowled over too. She shouts Pati babu….

He receives up from the wheelchair and falls down. She shouts to him. Jai durge….plays…. He runs to a few water pump and fills water. She thinks my perception turned into proper, Pati babu is alive. He receives it and blows off the fire. Mai ladunga….plays… Bondita cries and hugs him. She says keep our youngsters. He asks what do you mean. She says our dual kids, you’ve got got come to be a father. He smiles. She says however Batuk is snatching them from us. He asks what do you mean. She says the day you bought floated away with the aid of using the storm, Batuk got here that day, he thinks I m the cause on your death. He shouts Batuk and runs to interrupt the door. Bondita seems on and remembers Anirudh and her moments. They get in the residence. They see the toddlers at the sofa. He says our youngsters…She nods. Trilochan opens the locked door. Trilochan, Sampoorna, Somnath and Bihari come there. Trilochan hugs Anirudh. Batuk comes. He sees Anirudh and says Big D. He laughs. Anirudh slaps him. He says don’t take my name, you don’t have any relation with me and this family, get out of this residence. Batuk seems bowled over and leaves. Sampoorna says you got here on the proper time, you’re Bondita’s Rakshak babu. Trilochan says thank you Durga maa for sending Anirudh appropriately to us. Bondita says yes, you’re right here due to Durga maa’s blessings, we have to take the kids to Durga Maa first. Anirudh says definitely, all of us are right here due to her.

Anirudh and Bondita pray to Durga Maa. He says our youngsters have pop out of the problems, I m positive they may additionally improve their voice in opposition to horrific customs and spoil the chains, they may convey our legacy beforehand and come to be barrister babu. Aaja tujhko…. plays… They smile seeing their toddlers.

The display ends on a satisfied note.

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