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AOC 27G2U5/BK Gaming Monitor Review

by lillybaker
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In order to enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest, you need a good quality crisp and clear display. You cannot enjoy the graphics of your gaming session to the fullest, if the display is bland and dull. A good gaming monitor is the most important part of your gaming arena, if you are a true gaming freak. Now we know you guys might be thinking, which is the best monitor for you. But have no fear because we are here. We are going to review one of the best AOC monitors. So let us just dive right in.

AOC 27G2U5/BK Review:

AOC monitors are without a doubt the most power-packed monitors, which are completely under your budget. It has the features and specs, which will definitely be enough for your gaming sessions.

AOC 27G2U5/BK Specs:

This gaming productivity monitoring software is equipped with a 27 inches display, which gives you the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The bezel is extremely narrow, so you can enjoy the gaming visuals to the fullest, with the great screen to body ratio. It has the aspect ratio of 16:9, which gives you the perfect colour balance and accuracy on its LED display.

Smooth Gaming:

AOC 27G25U5/BK has all the powerful specs and features to let you guys game in peace. It has the refresh rate of 75Hz, which works quite well and provide you smooth visuals. It lets you experience less motion blur, even while playing your fast-paced E sports games. The quick response time of 1ms, means you can enjoy your gaming graphics without the ghosting effect. This makes you indulge more in your first person shooter games, where you can kill the opponents in a precise way. This gaming monitor also has a great Low input lag feature, which makes sure you never get to face any input lag, while playing your games. Just turn on the low input lag mode and game on.

AMD FreeSync:

AMD FreeSync technology makes sure your hardware and monitor both are in sync, with each other. It is responsible for the communication between these two. This makes sure the frames being pumped out by your gaming console or GPU, are met the right way by your monitor. It frees you from the horror of screen tearing or lag.


G-Menu is the tool which is completely free, and you can install it on your computer. It gives you great customization tools to conveniently modify or adjust the essential settings, of your AOC monitors.

Game Modes:

Another great thing about this monitor is that it gives you the pre-set of game modes, which you can apply with a single click and adjust the display according to your gameplay. There are FPS, RTS games, and racing games mode, which you can choose from. Or you can also create your own profiles and customize it, for your convenience and gaming style.


There are plenty of ports present on this gaming monitor, which let you connect all your devices with ease. There are USB 3.0 ports, which let you connect your android handheld or other devices with the monitor. It also supports USB fast charge which is a really cool thing to have in a monitor. In addition to this there are also HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA ports, so you can attach any of your device or video output to enjoy your viewing pleasures.

Comfortable Viewing:

There is a great ergonomic stand on this monitor, which lets you adjust it as you please. You can swivel it, pivot, tilt, or set the hight of the screen with ease. It lets you enjoy the smooth visuals, while you are gaming or streaming, without having to put too much stress on your neck or shoulders. It has the viewing angles of 178 degrees. It means you can watch the display at any angle which is comfortable for you.


In addition to being packed with power and specs, this great gaming monitor is also easy on the eyes. It has simple yet bold look. It seems like a futuristic robot just transformed itself and turned into a monitor. It is quite slim which stores easily on your table, and leaves a lot of space for other stuff as well.

Bottom Line:

Well, this was the review, and we hope it proved to be beneficial, and provided you guys everything you needed to know. Overall, it is a great gaming monitor, which gives you everything you need for all your viewing and gaming needs. So, make sure to visit laptopoutlet.co.uk and choose from a wide collection of AOC monitors.

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