A Rainbow Kiss: What Is It? All To Know About The 69 Kiss Position

by Mansi
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A rainbow Kiss is a kiss among a woman for the duration of her menstruation and her companion commonly male. It occurs while someone is going down on a lady for the duration of her month-to-month cycle.

The kiss entails the liked sixty nine intercourse position, menstrual blood, semen, and lots of kissing

Now as the person’s mouth fills with duration blood and the person ejaculates within the lady’s mouth, they kiss developing a mixture within the mouth that’s known as the “Rainbow” that they make together.

A rainbow kiss won’t be the most secure issue to strive together along with your companion specially in case you don’t recognize them well, in particular their sexual fitness reputation due to the fact each semen and duration blood can comprise doubtlessly infectious pathogens which could purpose HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, and extra.

Ultimately, whether or not or now no longer a rainbow kiss is some thing you need to consist of on your intercourse repertoire is absolutely as much as you. But hopefully, now you’re a little extra organized must the possibility arise!

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