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5 Top Ways to Improve WordPress SEO

by Chris Greenwalty
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WordPress SEO

Modern technology has brought numerous benefits for mankind. From personal to professional purposes, technology has made the life easier for every scenario. For people who are running their business online, they are always in search of growing their business through different techniques. To rank up their website and make their business grow and prominent online, you don’t need to be SEO expert. You don’t need to spend years and years to learn for ranking up your site and for promoting your business. You can improve WordPress SEO by following these top 5 ways to improve the ranking.

Improve the Speed of Your WordPress Site:

The speed of the site is really important for so many reasons. People who search online for a website, don’t usually wait for too long to load it. Google doesn’t reward those sites which have fast spend, but it penalizes the slow one. If your website is low, you can remove the penalty by speeding it up and also, you can improve the ranking of your site. Different tools are available for improving the speed of your site. However, using Google Analytics for checking the speed is more accurate way. With the below mentioned tips, you can improve your WordPress site speed quickly.

  • You can install and setup a popular caching plugin. You can install any efficient plugin out of many of them available.
  • If the speed of the site is slow, you can compress the huge images on your side and re upload them.
  • You can get a hosting provider that serves in a better way.

After using these tips, you can improve the speed of your site within no time. To improve WordPress SEO, you need to spend a little attention and time. If you use these tips, you don’t need to hire any SEO expert.

Boost Your WordPress Site For Mobile Phone:

Today mobile is used more than desktop due to its increasing users browsing online. Almost everybody has a smart phone in hands and searches for anything on it, instead of sitting in front of desktops unlike the old times. Google rewards mobile-friendly websites with better ranking because they have better speed and search experience. The question is that how can you make your site mobile friendly? Well, the answer is that you should select a WordPress theme that is mobile friendly, that’s how you can improve WordPress SEO.

Delete And Redirect Thin Content:

If you are having a site and you want to improve WordPress SEO, you should know about thin content. It is any page on your site that is under 300 words long. Thin content does not provide the clear value to the reader because it does not have the full detail of the site and the service provided there. There is no benefit of thin content because it does not go to the right place for actual fruit (benefit) that you want to get through your site. Check it out and remove the dead weight pages because they are like dead plants that you keep watering to. Focus on useful pages and the content, in this way, you will water the plants that give you positive outcomes.

According to a dissertation help firm, one important thing is that you should be very careful while determining the content because it is difficult to see either the content is thin or not, in case, if you site in for online business or we can say that if your site is an ecommerce. The reason is that many pages of different products can be under this word count that has been mentioned above, so be wise and don’t delete your growing plants (pages that you should have). By this way, you can improve WordPress SEO and the ranking of your site.

Make Sure To Have Alt Text In Your Images:

We spend a lot of time searching for different images on Google. For different purposes, it is now a part of our day to day life to look for various pictures on Google. From the designs of dresses to new models of the mobile, from selecting new furniture to have new appliances in your kitchen, Google plays a vital role in providing us with numerous options so that we can easily select what we want for personal and professional needs. An interesting factor is that Google Image Search makes up 10.1percent of all Google Search Traffic. To enjoy and take advantage of some of that traffic, you should add alt text to the images and it is a simple technique to do so. Additionally, Google uses alt text to regulate the subject of a page, so it may even help your search rankings on non-image search. To improve WordPress SEO, you should use this simple technique.

Reviewing The Site Structure:

Do you want to improve WordPress SEO? If yes, the you should review the structure of your site. The navigation of your website is extremely important for SEO. Google gives the highest ranking authority to these pages in your browser because of the linkage from every page on your site. Can you remember the analogy of agriculture? The addition of internal links to important pages is like the addition of another water flow to this crop. Due to more internal links, the more water is available.

Ensure that your browsing is clean, and do not link to more than 5-15 of your most important pages that need most of your attention. If you are unsure that which of your pages are most important, you should look at your analytics to observe which pages get most traffic (search results that appear when more people search for a particular page). Another tip is that you can see which is the page into which you put most of your effort. You can add more internal links pointing to the page you want to run faster. For example, you spent hours in creating a blog post and you just published it, go to your old posts and then add links to the new posts that you just have created. With these simple techniques, you can easily improve WordPress SEO for getting most of the traffic to your site.

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